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MH Active Personal Training are here to help you achieve your personal goals, tailoring you a personal training programme to meet your wants and needs.

  • Weight management / fat loss
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness/health
  • Muscular strength; size; endurance; power
  • Balance; agility; mobility; core strength
  • Obstacle race training
  • Sports specific

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Personal Training

You will receive a professional and friendly service with MH Active which starts with a FREE face to face consultation. From this consultation identifying your goals and targets, existing lifestyle, time availability, and likes and dislikes of exercises and activities a programme will be designed to suit YOU.

Your programme can be designed to train you in an environment that you are comfortable in and that is suitable for your goals, be it at home, outdoors or in a gym.

If you wish we can train you and a friend at the same time. We can design programmes for couples, friends, if you wish to train with others.

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OCR Training

Obstacle course racing gives the opportunity to develop oneself physically and mentally, as courses and obstacles are always changing and whether it is the first race, or many races down the line it offers new training goals to aim for, OCRs are highly enjoyable.

MH Active’s OCR Training programmes can cater for beginners who want to take part in their first OCR race, through to seasoned racers looking to improve technique or get that added ‘edge’ on their rivals.

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