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  • Without Michael I would have fallen off the wagon and stayed off. As a bride to be, I knew I wanted to change things and tone up and Michael has certainly taken this on board. One of the best things about his programmes is that they change regularly. I, and my body, get bored easily. Each new programme has new challenges and the first session is never easy but it’s immensely satisfying when you get through it and then to find your body getting better and better at it is really reassuring.

  • I hadn’t been to the gym in over 4 years, was out of shape and very nervous about going. Michael assessed my needs and my fitness level and we started at a comfortable level. As the weeks went by with his constant encouragement and guidance the exercise levels and weights increased. I’ve never been a huge gym fan, but Michael’s energy and praise kept me going and am very happy with my progress.

  • Michael is an excellent personal trainer. Over the time I have spent with him I have lost weight and increased my fitness levels. I feel more energetic and confident than ever before. Michael spends time with me to ensure I am using the correct technique in order to achieve the best results. His programs are well designed to fit around my lifestyle and along with the training his nutrition advice has been fantastic, taking time out to review my nutrition and advise me to what I need to change. Michael is confident, motivational and inspiring, he ensures that the training is fun and still challenging. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer!

  • I would not have normally used a personal trainer but after ill health I was recommended Michael and I have to say that it was a revelation to me. I was very demoralised by the reduction in my fitness level. However Michael worked with me to build my confidence as well as my fitness. Now I feel that I have a more all round fitness than ever. I do not believe that many people could have taken me from the edge of a hospital bed to the edge of a black run with a renewed vigor and self belief quite as quickly.

  • I have a home gym and have been exercising on and off for sometime on my own, not making much progress in terms of general fitness and finding it difficult to stay motivated. However, I decided that I wanted to make a positive change to my health and lifestyle. I was incredibly nervous about hiring a personal trainer as I had never had one before or been trained correctly. I took the plunge and contacted Michael, I quickly received a very positive response and arranged my initial consultation. I was very apprehensive prior to the consultation and initial training sessions but Michael was encouraging and supportive. Michael quickly put together a training program and started to teach me the correct way to train to achieve the best results. Michael has given me support and encouragement from my very first training session & still training hard 8 months later I cannot wait for my next session or program that Michael puts together for me to keep me challenged and motivated. No matter how hard Michael pushes me he always believes I can achieve what he has asked me to do which in turn encourages me to work harder. I am now lifting the heaviest weights I have ever managed, running more than I have ever before and setting new personal bests consistently with Michael’s help. I cannot speak highly enough of Michael or recommend him strongly enough to anyone who is considering hiring a personal trainer no matter what age or level you are starting at.

  • I have been using the gym for many years and Michael is by far the best trainer I have used. Since Michael started developing my training program I have made significant progress in losing weight and building the right muscles. I have suffered a number of years of back problems and Michael’s ability to tailor programs to strengthen weak areas and in particular developing stronger core muscles has greatly helped. The programs targets multiple muscles at a time, are varied, fun to do and quickly produce results. Michael focuses on the detail to ensure the exercise are correctly performed and easily motivates you to keep going. Michael has made a big difference to my fitness levels. highly recommend him!

  • I was very apprehensive about joining the circuit class as I felt very overweight & unfit. The first couple of classes were a struggle. I did not use the weights on the first class as they were beyond me and I struggled with the warm up. As each week has gone by I am able to do more and push myself with the encouragement of Michael who helps motivate me to do the correct exercises. I feel I am now able to do more and definitely feel a lot better at the end of each class. Michael is so enthusiastic & encouraging it has helped motivate me each week and to continue attending. Thank you.

  • I have had a number of programs designed for me by Michael so far and I can’t recommend him enough. His approach of examining what you are looking for and then designing a challenging yet manageable program is excellent! In a short amount of time, I have increased my fitness and agility, while not losing interest in the program (which is always a problem with gym programs). I would highly recommend Michael as a personal trainer!

  • Michael is an excellent Personal Trainer. The time that he spends working with me on my fitness and training techniques, I feel that I am in the right hands. I found that he is a very positive and confident trainer and continuously helps me reach my goals for my sport, Judo. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! I have also been taught by Michael in his circuit classes and these are a lot of fun, I found that not only was I getting a good workout, he has taught me a lot along the way.

  • The information and individual coaching about the correct posture etc are so beneficial. Without Michael correcting these things I wouldn’t achieve the best results. Doing it the correct way means you feel the muscles working as you are performing. Michael is very motivational and inspiring and injects fun into the sessions as well. I feel confident that Michael is knowledgeable and I have always had sensible answers to any questions on a range of things – physiology, exercise and nutrition. If Michael was not doing the training I would make an excuse not to go to the gym and thus not get the benefit of exercise.

  • I have been training with Michael for just under a year now, having decided to enter a number of obstacle course races in 2016. Although I have a fair understanding of exercise and training, (having been a gym member for a number of years) I was a complete newbie to OCR.  I knew I had to change my training methods in order to be able to complete these courses and had read that Michael was into OCR as well.  With his knowledge of the types of obstacles that are found in these races, he has been able to make me work my muscles in similar ways, developing my strength and power with the tailored program that he has produced for me.  I can’t lie, the sessions have been tough, but he is able to push me to lift weights that I thought I would not be able to, but recognises and adapts the training if I need it.  His methodology is ‘train hard and compete easy’ and he is right!  I have successfully managed to complete a Spartan Sprint, a Tough Mudder Half, a full Tough Mudder and a Dirty Dozen race in 2016.  My challenge in 2017 is to complete a Spartan Trifecta and all the Nuclear Races.  I still have some work to do, but with Michael’s help I will be wearing all these medals by the end of this year!

  • Michael took the time to understand my goals and fitted a personalised programme around achieving them. I found his teaching style to be supportive and encouraging with just enough challenge to push me forward when needed. With Michael’s support I’ve achieved sustained muscle development and I feel that my overall fitness and strength levels have markedly increased.

  • Michael is much more than a Personal Trainer: he’s a health and fitness consultant. Where other trainers with whom I have worked have focussed almost exclusively either on cardio or strength/conditioning, Michael designs individually-tailored programmes that focus on all aspects to include: technique, posture, diet, lifestyle and wellbeing. As a result, he’s helped me to achieve my fitness goals in a controlled and enduring/sustainable manner rather than a temporary ‘shock’. His individual approach means that he is able to motivate and push to get the best out of me personally. Just as important, we have a bit of a laugh along the way.

  • We initially reached out to Michael as we were going on our first snowboarding trip and wanted to be able to focus on learning to board rather than how sore we were. He was able to tailor our training brilliantly, making for a wonderful trip, and we continued working with him as we’ve enjoyed it so much. We both sail so we have since been focusing on building strength and stamina, and have seen our performance improve as a result. Best of all though, we are now going regularly to the gym as we enjoy working with him – he knows when to push you, and when you are genuinely out of energy – and feeling brilliant for it. We can’t recommend him highly enough.

    Nicola & Roland
  • Following my recent knee surgery, he has managed to get me back to fitness and my physiotherapist commented on how good he was after seeing him at work in the gym with a different client. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael for people of all abilities and ages.

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