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Personal Training

Get started with a FREE face to face consultation. From this consultation identifying your goals and targets, existing lifestyle, time availability, and likes and dislikes of exercises and activities a programme will be designed to suit YOU.

OCR Training

MH Active’s Obstacle Course Race Training programmes can cater for beginners who want to take part in their first OCR, through to seasoned racers looking to improve technique or get that added ‘edge’ on their rivals.

we work on the principle of

total fitness

Physical Fitness

The benefits of functional, free weight and resistance training include muscular endurance, improved posture and core strength, flexibility, a reduction in body fat, improved motor skills (including balance, speed, reaction, agility and co-ordination), an improved immune system and increased energy levels.

Pair that with cardiovascular training to a general improvement in health, normalisation of blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, reduced body fat, lower cholesterol, improved circulation, increased metabolism, weight loss, a lower risk of contracting diabetes. Along with the physical health benefits come improvements in self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

Nutritional Fitness

Nutritional Fitness is a key element to an individual’s training, so healthy eating and good nutrition will have a beneficial effect on both health and performance.

Carbohydrates – The right types are required for energy and good digestion.

Protein – Protein is required for structures in the body, growth and hormone regulation.

Fats The right types in the right quantity play an important aspect in a balanced diet. They protect internal organs, provide energy, enhance the immune system, promote the integrity of cell structures and transport fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, K.

Vitamins & Minerals -Vital for normal growth and repair and healthy functioning of body, vitamins & minerals unlock goodness from carbohydrates, protein and fats. They are a source of antioxidants required for prevention of free radical damage.

  • Without Michael I would have fallen off the wagon and stayed off. As a bride to be, I knew I wanted to change things and tone up and Michael has certainly taken this on board. One of the best things about his programmes is that they change regularly. I, and my body, get bored easily. Each new programme has new challenges and the first session is never easy but it’s immensely satisfying when you get through it and then to find your body getting better and better at it is really reassuring.

  • I hadn’t been to the gym in over 4 years, was out of shape and very nervous about going. Michael assessed my needs and my fitness level and we started at a comfortable level. As the weeks went by with his constant encouragement and guidance the exercise levels and weights increased. I’ve never been a huge gym fan, but Michael’s energy and praise kept me going and am very happy with my progress.

  • I would not have normally used a personal trainer but after ill health I was recommended Michael and I have to say that it was a revelation to me. I was very demoralised by the reduction in my fitness level. However Michael worked with me to build my confidence as well as my fitness. Now I feel that I have a more all round fitness than ever. I do not believe that many people could have taken me from the edge of a hospital bed to the edge of a black run with a renewed vigor and self belief quite as quickly.

  • I have had a number of programs designed for me by Michael so far and I can’t recommend him enough. His approach of examining what you are looking for and then designing a challenging yet manageable program is excellent! In a short amount of time, I have increased my fitness and agility, while not losing interest in the program (which is always a problem with gym programs). I would highly recommend Michael as a personal trainer!

  • Michael took the time to understand my goals and fitted a personalised programme around achieving them. I found his teaching style to be supportive and encouraging with just enough challenge to push me forward when needed. With Michael’s support I’ve achieved sustained muscle development and I feel that my overall fitness and strength levels have markedly increased.

  • Following my recent knee surgery, he has managed to get me back to fitness and my physiotherapist commented on how good he was after seeing him at work in the gym with a different client. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael for people of all abilities and ages.

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